Eastern Gray Squirrel (black), Flying squirrel, and Red Squirrels. When we have determined that you have a squirrel problem, we can set up one-way exit traps, live traps, or lethal traps to get rid of them. When there are young squirrels present, we will use this information to try to relocate them along with the mother. Once the squirrels have been removed, we can provide custom repairs for all entrance points. We also offer re-insulation services for when your insulation has been damaged by the squirrels.


After determining that you have a raccoon problem, we will attempt to find out if there is a nest with any young nearby. If we find a female raccoon with young raccoons, we will attempt to move all of them at the same time. If the female moves away from the young, then we make use of a live trap in order to catch the female with the young ones. These traps do not harm the raccoons in any way.


Both little brown bats and big brown bats are very common bats in Ontario. They’re known to invade structures and will usually infest a home by entering through holes and cracks around the soffit, fascia, roof flashing, or vents. Holds that are ¼ of an inch or larger are potential entry points for these bats. Once these bats are inside of your home, they’ll wind up roosting in your attics, wall voids, chimneys, and other such areas. Bats can be a health risk by contributing to mold problems and are also known carriers of rabies, ticks, and mites


Norway rats are the most common urban rat that you will encounter in Ontario. They’re aggressive breeders and can cause harm to your home. We can determine if you have a Norway rat infestation and have many control measures that we can use. We can assist you by providing snap trap control, proofing your home, and giving you advice about other control measures.


The stripe skunks seen in Ontario are roughly the size of a cat and are black. They have two white stripes on their backs and a white stripe on their faces. Skunks like this sometimes overwinter under decks, crawlspaces, or other low and tight areas. We recommend skunk-proofing your home and detouring from their nesting areas.


We can perform exterior residual permethrin treatments around your soffit, fascia, doors, deck, and other areas. This treatment can control up to 90% of the spider population. We can also perform interior treatments by treating cracks and other important areas.

Bird Spikes

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